Membership Benefits – Business networking

Monthly business networking meetings with Senior Decision Makers

Meet Senior decision makers who have authority to buy as well as sell at our Business Networking events.

Pre Qualified Network of Ethical Quality Businesses

Business networking membership provides access a pre qualified, quality network of experts, and industry pioneers.

Network with Confidence

Business networking events with diverse businesses

Meet quality connections from new and diverse businesses every month at our Business networking events.

Business networking to gain real honest referrals.

Develop a set of quality referral partnerships that genuinely work through our business networking group.

Demonstrate Your Expertise with Our Network Members

Share your knowledge and experience at our pre event educational seminar.

Enhance your reputation 

At our business networking events why not take the after lunch speaker slot to share your business story or top tip.

Learn and grow your business through learning and support from our business networking group.

Improve your knowledge and exposure by attending our pre event Educational Seminars

Proactive Member Matchmaking

Benefit from our strategic business network event planning and sit with those companies you want to work with, making to make your networking time effective.

We limit category membership

Enjoy choice and ample opportunity to gain quality at our business networking events as we limit our categories to a max of 5% of the total membership.

Detailed 121 meetings

Meet with Tracy regularly to provide you with  ideas, connections and support – through our  detailed 1-2-1 meetings with you.

Business networking cheerleaders

We act as cheerleaders on social media for you-sharing events, your news and expertise and testimonials and news.

Develop your business networking skills and confidence

We are here to help you find and develop your own business networker style that is authentic to you. Be real, relaxed and enjoy your business networking.

Cupids for Business

We are always working hard in the background to attract and connect you with the right businesses at our business networking events.

Ready to access membership benefits from our unique style of business networking? Then why not apply to visit our business networking group?

Online or when we meet face to face?