Membership Options

We are a membership group – so once you have applied to visit our group in Chester it’s possible that you will be invited to join our group as a member.

If invited, then there will be a couple of options open to you for membership, depending on the size of your organisation.

Corporate Membership of our Business Network Group

We have a membership at a Corporate level which allows up to a maximum if 2 attendees per event. Event fee is payable per person per event and is between £42 and £45 per person.

Individual Membership of our Business Network  Group

In addition, we have Individual membership, for smaller companies, where a single person will generally attend.

Event fee is payable per person per event and is between £42 and £45 per person.

Both options (Corporate and Individual) can be paid for in one payment – or we do offer the option to pay over 3 consecutive monthly instalment – this 3 monthly option carries a slightly higher fee to take account of the additional processing.

Finally for those that wish to fully commit to all events and membership – then you can pay a combined Membership and event fee as a monthly payment via SO, Go Cardless or bank transfer.

The fees for Membership will be shared with people once they have paid to attend an event as a visitor.

To find our details why not apply to attend as a visitor to Our Business Network Group here in Chester

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