Merry Christmas – Business Networkers!

Quality Business Networking and Fun at Christmas in Chester

What an event!

We welcomed around 80 leading Businesses from Chester, Cheshire, Wrexham, Wirral and North Wales to Connect, collaborate learn and help our member charities.

Our Networking day began with a bang! Sam Jackson of Chester Beer and wine shared her vast knowledge of wines with Members – and had a few tipples to try- all in the name of education you realise!

Sam Jackson - Wine guru - Chester beer and Wine
Sam Jackson – December 5th 2019 Wine guru – Chester beer and Wine

We welcomed around the rest of our guests sharing festive tunes whilst open networking.

We stayed true to our Networking principles and saw through our formal networking at our strategically crafted tables – discovering all sorts of connections and ways to help each other.

Then the fun began! Our usual festive Network quiz sets the teams some brain teasers and fun questions to get the tables working as teams.

Our Business Network Chester Charity prize draw saw many generous gifts donated – and over £1000 raised for our member charities (and still counting).

As a secret surprise around 50 children from years 3,4,5,6 visited us from St Bartholomew’s primary school. They sang 2 songs – one of which they had written themselves through the amazing CIC Amasing, lead by Rachel Borman.

So what to do after such a Business Networking event in Chester?

Here is our “To do list” following any Business Network Chester event – its this action after every event that makes the difference to the level of success.

  • Make those 121 meetings – aim for at least 2 or 3 after each event
  • Connect on Linked in the people you met
  • Follow people on social media
  • Think about who you have in your little black book that may be a good connection for someone at your table or someone you met
  • Review the extensive “Like to meet” list – be it categories where we have a space in our network, OR – where members have specifically asked for connections to specific companies – and encourage them to attend our event – or connect us with them.
  • If you said you would help someone – OR – someone could help you – REACH OUT – do wait – INITIATE!
  • Think of who you could send a thank you about at the next event
  • Review the table plan and let Tracy know who you would like to be seated at the next event
  • If you have any questions or are not sure about etiquette, how to move forward – ask TRACY – – that’s what we are here for – to help, support, guide and help you develop your Business.

We love it when our Members are demanding – so make is your 2020 resolution and make the most of your Business network membership!

If you are not yet a member and like the sound of how proactive our network is – then please get in touch to receive your personal invitation.

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