Network Tips – How to get ready for one of our Networking events

Ready – Get set – Network!

When visitors attend our Business networking events in Chester, they are joining a long establish network group of positive, welcoming people – who like to build business relationships based on getting to “Know Like Trust” other network members.

So how can you do this – and network – The Business network way?

Well – here are some of our Networking top tips and how we help our newbie networkers;

What we do

  • Tracy our host will be on hand to speak with you ahead of the event and ensure you are clear on the format, as well as understand where you and your Business is at – what you want to achieve in the future and give you some sure fire tips and advice to make sure you gain the most from the time at the Network.
  • Tracy will guide you through the best way to craft your 2 minute table talk
  • Tracy and Halye will be there to greet you, provide you with your personalised name badge, and ensure you are not left alone but introduced to a lovely set of members and visitors.
  • We always assign you with a Network member Buddy who will look after you at the event. They can introduce you to people and answer any questions you may have
  • We are not about being pushy, but relaxing and being yourself.

How you can help yourself

  • Remember Remember Business Cards – 15-20 will be enough!
  • Smile, relax and breathe – we are all human and you are in the majority – 95% of people think they hate networking – so with us you learn to love it!
  • Try to attend the Educational seminar first. Its a smaller group so a nice way to ease you into the event – extra time with people means that when you then move into the main event you have already got some familiar faces to connect with.
  • We are told at an early age do not talk to strangers! Yet at The Business Network our best advice is to breathe deeply, smile and remember how unique you are – no one is you. Strangers are just strangers for a split second – take that step to just smile and say “Hi” to someone at a networking event – and I guarantee they will be thankful as they are probably feeling the same!
  • When someone approaches you use open body language – head up, (absolutely phone away) and make eye contact – offer a hand to say hello through a handshake.
  • Ask open questions – be a detective! Ask them their name, where are they from and what they do. Let them do the talking but make sure you actively listen.
  • More about Listening -be sure to build on what they say – ask questions that deepen understanding and that at the appropriate time broaden the conversation.
  • For our exclusive  “10 BEST  QUESTIONS TO ASK AT A NETWORKING EVENT” please  click the link
  • Sometimes people who look like consummate professional networkers are simply “acting” and faking it till they make it. Even the most confident may well have butterflies in their tummies – so don’t judge yourself or others – just be yourself.
  • The best way to overcome that feeling of dread is to switch your thinking to how you can help others. This takes all the pressure off you to “perform” and be perfect – and actually is the Best way to network ; By Showing genuine curiosity in others, asking open questions and seeing how you can help.
  • When we focus on other people its amazing how much you will enjoy it And how much people will remember you for being that kind helpful person – and guess what – they will want to return the favour!


The more you do it the easier it is – especially at The Business Network Chester.

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