Never be dismissive when Networking – the bedroom rule!

Your just don’t know who knows who when networking?

When opening our events I always remind attendees of our Ethos and guidelines for a positive Networking event In our Business network Chester Group.

They are:

  • Be concise and craft a compelling and honest 2 minute talk that shares a recent success story (see our recent blog for help)
  • Tell people how they can help you – who you want to meet (see our additional services if you struggle with this)
  • NEVER be dismissive of anyone – You do not know who knows who!

Sometimes I get a little bit cheeky and remind people that sometimes – it’s the people that people share their beds with that can open doors to the most amazing opportunities. This way to “Network” under the covers always gets a laugh – BUT its so true!

You may wonder why you are on a table with a geophysicist – but through Tracy’s 121’s I get to know some really random things that somehow (do not ask me how) network in my brain and make fantastic connections for people.

At this months Network event – its seemed apt to remind people of the power of the network that may be only a pillow away – and in doing so we unearthed some AMAZING bed fellow connections.

2 and 3 degrees of separation when networking

Within 3 degrees of separation we managed to get to Chris Martin’s Mum (He of Coldplay) which opened up a fantastic funding opportunity not just for budding musicians, but artists designers and creatives (cant say more was sworn to secrecy!)

Our next one told the tale of how a Business has been gone from a back room, frustration/ready to jack it all in position, to now being in front of the right people, who not only had funding for growth, BUT valued the business at £1-200 MILLION pounds!

One accountancy firm explained how they were wanting to get really creative in explaining numbers to people that do not naturally “do numbers” – lots of Business owners – especially if creative – sometimes struggle with that side of Business. But our Network member has not only recognised this BUT is building a language using LEGO to help such types to understand numbers through the medium of Lego. It just so happens that one of our amazing Skin care members (High tech, high quality treatments that really work) is married to one of the main designers at LEGO –  another perfect – yet on the face of it – random yet beneficial connection.

Finally – for this blog at least, a story whereby what appeared a table plan mess up (2 flooring suppliers sat together) ended up being a beautiful reach out to collaborate. We would never put these 2 people on the same table as we always keep “competitors” apart. However – these 2 fantastic ladies, through the help of another super connector in the group, could get their heads together to see how they could work together – cross referring and cross bidding on larger scale jobs that neither – alone had the breadth of product to be able to compete.

How did that come together – well (they of course do not share the same bed fellow!) but through a positively minded “help others” network philosophy – the partner of one, matchmaker and could see the opportunity to get them together.

The whole event set off – like magic my closing quote which was this:

A good team, like a good show, comes into being when the separate individuals working together create, in essence, another separate higher entity – the team – the show – which is better than any of those individuals can ever be on their own.

Gary David Goldberg

So – if you are tired of “closed out” network groups that behave defensively and protectively, or are fed up with people “dismissing” what you do – why not come and try Networking with us – I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

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