October Network event – our educational seminar – Keeping you on your toes!

The Business Network – learning and growing and staying fighting fit!

Joanne Houlbrook, our resident Physiotherapist member will be sharing her knowledge at our Business Network event on October 10th.

She will be helping us all stay fit, healthy and strong – even when desk bound! Jo has worked in Physio for 15 years gaining a wealth of experience in acute and community settings within the NHS and private sectors.

The link between good strength through later years and falls prevention and a host of other ailments is clear.

As a massive advocate for prevention, and proactive health management, Jo is an expert in helping people of all ages lead vibrant, active, healthy lives.

The Network that learns – How we can help ourselves stay strong?

Studies have shown that people can lose 3-5% of muscle bulk every year from the age of thirty. This puts us at risk of injury and falls which can both have serious implications on our day to day life and the activities we enjoy.

Jo’s advice to anyone is to act before it is too late! Keeping active makes a huge difference to muscle strength and power, also improving cardio fitness which brings other long term health benefits.

Think of your body as your vehicle and if like most of us you are moving into the “classic” phase of life, a little bit of TLC goes a long way to help stay in good running order! Having regular physio input will ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly, progressing as you require and also able to seek assistance for any new problems that arise throughout the year.

At this interactive, and thought provoking seminar Jo will help attendees question and evaluate their approach to good health and help them make change now to increase their strength, stamina balance and resilience.

You will learn

  • How to assess where you are right now?
  • How this compares with an age “average” – are you younger – or older – than you think?
  • How to engage your employees in being more active – especially in those “desk bound” industries
  • What to do to improve balance, strength and resilience
  • How to make progress and maintain a positive attitude to proactive health management.

So – be it for you, elderly relatives, your employees, or Nellie next door – come along and learn how you take be in control of your health destiny through this amazing network.

Book Soon to secure your spot at our Network event to access this excellent seminar and learn how to keep you on your toes!

Call Tracy on 07768 926602, or email on tracy@business-network.co.uk, or simply press “Register” and we can send further details about our group and events.


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