Online Business Network Chester – educational seminar April 23rd

Online Business Network Chester- we never stop learning!

We are delighted that Mandy Sinclair will host our seminar at our April event.

Mandy has been a MASSIVE support to our members helping them navigate a way through the COVID-19 crisis.

Mandy will cover 2 critical areas in this seminar.

  • How to PIVOT your Mindset
  • How to PIVOT your Business.

Online business network Chester – PIVOT YOUR MINDSET

Keeping check on our mindset through this time is critical to maintaining good relationships – with suppliers, with customers and employees. AND the added dynamic of being with family members 24-7 – OR – not being able to see family and friends.

Being master of you mental well being and staying in a positive mindful state is essential in these times.

Online business network Chester- PIVOT YOUR BUSINESS

Some Businesses may be able to just go online – for others its not that simple – so Mandy will guide you through a top line process that will enable you to explore your talents, skills and knowledge and look at opportunities – not just threats to you Business.

Combining a positive mindset with opportunity based innovations could well set you off on a new business idea through this crisis.

Whatever your position – this is a seminar to not miss.

To book your place – simply complete the enquiry form below for more details and we will be in touch with a personalised booking link. We are here to support you – whatever your Business and whilst online – wherever your Business is!

Otherwise call Tracy on 07768 926602 or email and we will have a chat and answer any questions you may have – and importantly learn how we can best help you.

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