Online Business Networking – 10 top tips at our 12th August seminar!

Online Business Networking is here to stay!

Moving business networking events online has meant a seismic shift in how to approach your business networking.

Gone are the days of sweaty palms walking into a room of strangers! Nervous anticipation of “who will I meet?” or “will they like me” or “will I like them!”

Online Business networking has so many positives, we sometimes only look to the negative and write off the power that online networking can have.

So – if you are still avoiding online business networking – it’s time to bite the bullet.

Sadly, with social distancing and all the precautions in the world – we as a network are light years away from meeting as a whole group of 80-100 people face to face.

So Online business networking is here to stay – so come and join us find out our top tips to make it a positive and productive experience for you!

Details of our Online Business networking seminar presenter.

Tracy Griffiths, Host at this long established network will share her insights about online business networking with attendees.

Tracy has clocked up 5 months of hosting online networking events, on top of  10 years of hosting face to face events – so she knows what works. At this online seminar you will get access to her short cut, foolproof accessible tips to drastically improve your online business networking success rate.

At this seminar Tracy will share her tips to answer;

  • How to make a positive impact when attending Online business networking event.
  • How to craft an elevator pitch that invites questions and curiosity – rather than the blank stare of doom
  • How by adopting a “helping” mindset your networking results will be amplified
  • How to build trust in your follow up
  • How to have a productive 121 meeting after the event 

So – if you want to inject confidence, passiona and energy into your online business networking – this is the seminar and event for you!

To Book – click on here or to learn more and book a chat with Tracy take a look at our website here.

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