Online business networking and TRUST

Online business networking and TRUST- does it actually work?

There are increasing numbers of people that are taking the leap into building their own business – be it due to redundancy, space and time to reflect through Lockdown, or just because they have seen an opportunity.

Like leaping out of the plane to do a parachute jump – there comes a point that you have to TRUST that the parachute will open, that you have learnt everything you need to know to minimise risk – but you still have to take the leap.

One of the critical things to do when taking the leap and launching and growing a business is realising you cannot do it alone – you need a trusted business network to help you. But how do you build trust when the only way to develop your network is by Online business networking?

Whilst social distancing measures are in place Online business networking is the only realistic way to meet new people, suppliers and customers. BUT – how easy is it to build trust without that handshake, eyeball to eyeball?

At the Business network Chester, our Online business networking events are all focussed to ensuring you can accelerate through the critical process of getting to “Know Like Trust” the people you meet.

Online business networking – from coffee to “cubes” to collaboration.

Our events are perfectly structured to ensure that  you are getting to know people for sure. You will meet new contacts at our online business networking events at the educational seminar – a space to network, learn and take away top tips and advice from our generous members. Next, at our main online business networking event, we carefully connect you with like minded, ambitious and strategic members who are there to listen, learn about you, share ideas and advice and most importantly get to like you.

Every visitor goes through a sense check call with Tracy – to ensure that

  • they are fully prepared for the  online business networking event
  • that Tracy understands what they do, who they work with, and how the network can best help
  • Tracy ensures that at the online business networking event visitors are ready to present their business in the best possible way, to the best possible group of attendees
  • every visitor understand the “rules of the game” how we stay true to the ethics and primary aim through our online business networking of building trust, no hard sell, and a helping mindset.

So what about Trust at our Online business networking events?

Building trust. How do we do that through a little Zoom screen?

The golden rules are much the same. Let’s take some time to reflect on how you can build trust at online business networking events – it really is not so different in how we behave – its ONLY the medium which has changed.

The essence of building trust when online business networking are these simple yet powerful behaviours – just like when face to face:

  1. Take a quick break, breath deeply, and then smile as you start your online business networking event
  2. Listen intently, don’t interrupt, summarise to check understanding when meeting new people at the online business networking event
  3. Maintain eye contact – don’t check your phone!
  4. Ask Open questions – who, when, how, where, what. Everyone has an amazing story to share. Find that story. You should seek 5-6 WOW stories from any online business networking
  5. Peel the onion – “Tell me more about XYZ” is a great way to scratch beneath the surface when online business networking
  6. Be open about your own experience and ask for advice. So often we pretend we have all the answers – we don’t – showing a little bit of curiosity about others may have solved a problem or issue you face can garner great conversations when online business networking
  7. Admit your limits and be honest. If you don’t know something, say so. If you’re not the best at something, say so. If you don’t have all the answers, say so. Tracy does not know everything – and she will always say “let me check” rather than give poor intel or advice.
  8. Follow up after your online business networking event – you get to go from zero to Know and hopefully liking someone – now is the time to follow up, grab that 121 meeting and cement the like and make deposits towards Trust.
  9. Be patient – many of our members have been networking with us for over 10 years – that does not mean we are a closed online business networking group – BUT – it does mean that consistency and credibility is critical – but that’s the same for everyone we meet – right? If you want to get quick results that disappear as quick, or are only interested in buying on price – then we are not the network for you.
  10. Honesty. Honesty. Honesty. Our seminar presenter at our October event Andy Lowe of Sandler Training will help us on this by sharing some really easy ways to be up front and honest about expectations and openness – why not come and join us to learn more at our online business networking event?

Time to take the leap into online business networking  in safe hands?

So – if any of this tips have made you think – yep I am on the right track – OR – “Oh my god I am NEVER going to make online business networking work for me” – then panic not!

It’s just about getting the right parachute for you – and that’s where we can maybe help.

In the same way you would not trust a part time/side hustle parachute instructor – why would you trust a part time network?

We do what we do full time because we love it and we know how scary online business networking events can be. Our parachutes have helped thousands of novices become confident networkers – let us help you too.

Just schedule a 15 minute call with Tracy and see how we can help you take the leap and develop your online business networking skills?

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