Employee Engagement online seminar July 9th 2020

Online Business Networking event seminar – Why even bother with employee engagement- especially now?

Forward thinking employers will ABSOLUTELY be thinking about employee engagement right now. Imagine you have a disparate workforce, where

  • some may be furloughed, some may be working
  • some may have childcare responsibilities,
  • some may have to shield,
  • some maybe have lost their sense of self through now not working – and may struggle mentally to get back,
  • some may be fearful or returning to “new normal”
  • some may not give a damn!

How do you take off the lid on all those complex emotions?

To be sure, whatever their thinking, connecting and communicating with your teams is even more critical in these times.

An engaged workforce will – EVEN in these times be

  • happier
  • have a sense of purpose and belonging
  • feel valued and trusted

and the evidence is massive that when employers make the effort to stay connected, educate, inform and be open to feedback,  employees will

  • be more creative
  • be honest
  • adapt and flex
  • give more
  • be ready to support others.

So – wondering how to bridge the disconnect and disparate nature of your workforce in today’s climate? Confused as to how to communicate, and what to say, and when?

Attend this Online Business networking event seminar and find out!

About the presenter at our online business networking event.

Claire Davies is founding Director of 1850 Business Solutions Ltd.

1850 is not just your average HR consultancy – whilst they deliver all of the usual services that you’d expect to see from a HR provider, Claire’s priority is to enable companies to truly put their people first and therefore naturally improve their productivity and the general running of the business.

In order to put people first, Claire focusses on areas such as employee engagement, having robust processes in place, ensuring employees feel valued and a part of the organisation. By using weekly check in tools alongside usual sickness and absence rates and retention rates, Claire helps companies build a workforce aligned to the Business owners values and ethics.

Claires approach is flexible and includes;

• HR advice line
• Dedicated HR Account Manager to support and guide through a number of employee issues
• Project based work to assist with one off activity such as TUPE and restructures, or casework
• Dedicated HR Partner to offer a more strategic approach to your people plan and company goals

Business owners who are passionate about their people and realise their value, this online business networking event and seminar is for you!

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