Online Business networking plus Linkedin for success

Online Business networking – how does Linkedin fit into your marketing toolkit?

Whilst we continue with our online business networking events, we are also aware that how we present ourselves on platforms like Linkedin can also have a big impact on our degree of success.

Yes – Linkedin can instill fear, frustration and a sense of failure to some. For others confident with the platform it can seem a little like you are on the hamster wheel – forever churning content – with little thought for what you actually want to achieve from that time investment other than “noise” on your profile.

So – why not STOP – and join us at our online business networking seminar and have a robust and achievable plan for managing your network online via Linkedin?

Online Business networking – deepening your connections

How often do we sit scrolling through content on Linkedin,

  • Worried we don’t have the time to create our own content?
  • Frustrated that we don’t have good enough ideas for content?
  • Disillusioned that no matter what we do we never get many views?
  • Disappointed that connections are just that – and not relationships?
  • Overwhelmed at the scale of the job of just even getting started?

Then this seminar is for you!

Learnings from our Online Business networking seminar.

At this Online Business networking seminar – our multi-talented Andy Lowe of Sandler training will take us through some of the tools, tips and disciplines that can make Linkedin a fantastic source of connections, opportunities and collaborators.

Andy will share during this Online Business networking seminar some key principles and tips that will allow you to

  • Enhance your personal branding
  • Develop a proactive approach for broadening your network
  • Devise a multi level content approach that works for you
  • Create a “win win” approach to
  • Make Linkedin an essential part of your networking success.


Andy has a big bag of usable techniques and approaches which will set you on a journey to take control of your Linkedin life.

The best news – you only need to commit to 2 posts a week to make a difference!

To join us and 70 other business leaders at this great Online Business networking seminar and the networking event after just give Tracy a call and we can take care of everything else!

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