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Online business networking event and seminar – Survive and thrive!

Is it possible to thrive in the new “lock down” economy?

Through this intriguing online business networking event and seminar,  Olivia Stefanino, creator of the “Money Types” will be sharing how she turned the lessons from her own personal nightmare in the financial crash of 2008 into a powerful business building system, which means that she now doesn’t wake up every morning worrying about money…

About the Presenter (s)

Author of two personal and business development books, Olivia has been on the fringes of the world of finance for nearly three decades – initially as a financial journalist and subsequently as an executive coach and leadership trainer. Working with some of the profession’s biggest institutions – from a couple of high street banks through to MBNA and what was then Skandia and Norwich Union – she’s come to see why some people succeed while others fall by the wayside.

What will you learn at this online business networking event and seminar?

By the end of the online business networking seminar, members will understand the six key areas that must be addressed – consistently – for businesses to thrive both in the good and the hard times.

This innovative system weaves together Jungeon Psychology, with your attitude to Money – creating a powerful tool that helps you identify your primary Money Type – and importantly learn how this serves you – oir does not – and how to access other money types that are able to support you through Business and personal finance.

As well as finding out how you can apply Olivia’s proven system to YOUR business, you’ll also be able to deploy your team of six onboard ‘Money Types’ guides to navigate through each area of your business.

Homework before the online business networking event : if you don’t yet know your primary ‘Money Type’, find out for free by answering 30 simple questions – which will take you less than five minutes:

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