Online Business Networking Structure

What is the structure of online business networking events?

Our online business networking events are split into 2 main parts – Optional Educational Seminar and the main online business networking event

Educational Seminar (optional to main event attendees)

Our Educational seminar  runs 10.15-11.30 – Join our ZOOM call and chat with other attendees before we start promptly at 10.30.

Online Business Networking Events- main event

Our online business networking events have distinct and well managed approaches to networking;

11.55-12:05  Join Main event ZOOM call

You will enter the waiting room and we will manage you into the event ensuring your security and making sure everyone planned into break out rooms are present.

12.10  Welcome and general rules for online business networking- our way.

Tracy will remind everyone how we come together to connect, to listen, to learn and share ideas, advice and connections.

12.10 -1.15 Online business networking in breakout rooms 

This is the main part of our online business networking events where we cluster you into small groups to get to know each other and network.

Every break out room is crafted to ensure while you are online business networking you are meeting;

  • people where there is collaboration or referral opportunities
  • people you could do Business with directly – maybe not now – but in the future
  • high quality providers of services and products for your business and personal needs
  • a diverse group of leaders with experience, advice and insights.

Everyone has a chance to present their business to the other diverse senior leaders.  Why not take a look at our helpful blog post that helps you craft your best 2 min talk for business networking events. The elevator pitch – 2 minute table talk

1:20-1:50 – Announcements, Updates, testimonials and current situation updates

Here is where we share useful intel, announcements and opportunities to learn. It could be updates on Lobbying activities, how to access grants and finance – how to innovate and learn – and of course how we can all support our members charities.

1:50-2pm – After Lunch speaker and close of business networking events.

We sometimes enjoy a brief 5 minute after lunch speaker – a member sharing advice, Business updates, or simply share a compelling vignette.

The transition of our business networking group to online to hold our business networking events, has been a revelation in terms of how it has helped the quality of conversations and inclusivity at events.

The quality and depth of relationships, connections and business being done means that we believe it’s the way forward for business network.