Online Business Networking

Online Business Networking
Online Business Networking

Online Business Networking is no substitute to networking in real life – but through determination and our usual bloosy mindedness we made it work!!

We stepped up and supported our members through the trials and tribulations of 2020 and 2021 – but we are back meeting face to face and whatever happens we know we can switch in an instant if need be to online.

So here we answer your questions about online business networking events, and how membership of a group that meets online can work.

What are the benefits of online business networking events?

Online networking was good enough – but face to face it just so energising. That said the benefits to our members to stay connected are huge.

The connections you meet at our online business networking events are just as high quality as when we face to face. The same time, care and attention goes into crafting every business networking event. For tables we have break out rooms; for lunch it’s BYO; we celebrate successes, award winners, testimonials and thank yous; we still make it high energy and FUN.

The best bits about online business networking events?

According to our members no more feeling “ick” walking into a room of 70-100 people. No more stressing will I be late. No more worrying about “what shall I wear.” No more never ending worry that people will judge, dismiss or ignore you.

Online business networking events have been the great leveller where the situation has made people (even) kinder, better listeners, and more willing to help, support and be a part of something bigger than themselves.

How can I still connect and effectively develop my business network online?

This has been the great revelation! As much as we worked tirelessly at every face to face business network event to ensure every person met the best mix of diverse businesses for them, if the PERFECT connection ended up on the opposite side of the table it was sometimes really tough to be obvious and go sit with them.

Now, with breakout rooms at our online business networking events – no such worries; better audio means better listening and there is nowhere to hide – full attention is needed at online business networking events.

How can I build long term relationships when you don’t meet face to face?

Just like the conversations in breakout rooms at our online business networking events are of a higher deeper quality, so it follows that actually conducting the essential follow up 121 meetings online is the secret. They are as effective via video, and whilst “pressing the flesh” is ideal, the benefits or reduced travel, time spent commuting to meetings, and a much reduced intake of coffee brings many benefits.

In addition, as a online business network community, we provide weekly member seminars as well as weekly online drop in sessions for our members. As we have clarity on social distancing now, it’s feasible in the coming months subject to health and safety assessment, we will also provide face to face opportunities to meet – be it by a walk, a round of golf, or a simple picnic – whatever we do we will be guided by the demands and desires of our members.

How can you maintain the quality of attendees at your online business networking events when you are not meeting people “in the flesh?”

Well we like to do our homework! We invite anyone interested in attending one of our online business networking events to book a call to begin with. That way we can ensure that our format, structure and approach best suits you as well as ensure we protect the management of our categories so we keep a careful balance of members.

Our group is large, with still over 70 members, but we still maintain our ethos for allowing a maximum of 5 % of the membership to be represented.

Everyone is able to visit if you are a good fit – and selected visitors are offered a place as a member where we know we can help, and they can benefit.

How will I ever get to know everyone that is already a member when we only hold online business networking events?

Online business networking events of our scale are here to stay for quite some time. If/when you choose to become a member, just as when we met face to face, you need to remember that with 70-100 members, even if you meet 7 new people at every event, it will take you around a year to meet everyone!

That’s where you have to trust that with the insights Tracy has about ALL the members, when we plan every months online business networking event, you will be meeting the best people for you. In addition – Tracy is constantly connecting people between events – where as a network we get asked “have you got anyone that can do XYZ” we signpost those opportunities from those people to you.

Likewise we love nothing more than to be able to connect you with quality suppliers – that’s one of the best ways to get to know members – buy committing to buying products and services from fellow members.


How can I learn more about online business networking events and figure out if they will work for me and my business?

Easy – simply book a call and have a chat with Tracy. You get to choose to do it “old school” by phone, or test the tech and come onto ZOOM.