Our 9th Birthday event – Time flies when you have networking fun!

The Business Network celebrates its 9th Birthday with its Members and visitors!

The Business Network celebrates its 9th birthday

Many of our founder members were in attendance to help us celebrate our 9th Birthday.

The passage of time has been kind to us with over 50% of of our founder members still with us!

The demographic of our Business Network group continues to evolve – with many “late” adopters staying with us also for 2,3,4,5,6 years. Why – because it works!

Here are some recent examples of why people stay with us – and why new people are so keen to join us.

Our Members are what make our Business Network unique – and one of our recent Members that have joined the group recently said this:

“We escaped Corporate life to build our own Business – in property development. But that’s not all we do. We have also developed a world beating first to market (Still secret) Monitoring device that is in its infancy – but the opportunities are endless.  We looked at many networks, some very expensive and claiming “exclusivity” yet they just seemed to want to take the money and then not really do very much.

We visited The Business network Chester and could see the quality – not only in the Room – But importantly that actually the Network was much more than just about an event once a month.

The fact you are sat here now, having a 121, asking the questions you are, shows me my gut feel was right. That this is a network that really understands the BEST Business is done through relationships, mutual respect, an attitude of honesty, integrity and helping others.

You (Tracy) not only say that but believe it and live by it – that’s why we have joined your group”

It was only when they said it out load that we realised that yes what we have cultivated over these 9 years is that – a cast iron guiding principle that when Business is done ethically, honestly with trust and a little bit of fun thrown in – amazing things happen.

What level of Business is actually being done in the Network?

One of our members that’s been with us around 4 years has totted up they have been able to be a part of a collaborative mini network, within The Business Network that has -just between 2 members generate £750,000 of Business!

Another – both Founder members, have done around £1,000,000 of Business – but it took 4 years to win that Business – and the way it was won? Patient, honest dialogue, sharing of intelligence, persistent sharing or knowledge and a determination to actin the best interests of the potential client – face to face, month in month out for 4 years!

So – whilst the candles were at the ready – we know our passion for connecting has not wavered and if anything we trust the next 9 years will see our Network Members continue to go from strength to strength!

How do we make people feel so welcome?

This recent testimonial says it all – we just did what we always do – without really knowing the full impact or our actions! Thank you for sharing Gavin!

Finally – a real gem of a story from one of our Members – Gavin at Monopoly Buy Sell rent. This one really warms the cockles of the heart – and we had no idea of his journey to his new Business! Thank you Gavin.

15 May 2019

To Tracy & Hayley


This is a testimonial that I write to thank you both for all you have given to me and to your chapter from my personal experience of your fabulous networking group.

My personal life took a dramatic hit in April 2017 when I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, following surgery I had intensive chemotherapy and had major side effects from this which caused me to have not one but two T.I.A’s (Mini strokes). After a spell in hospital and a considerable amount of investigations I slowly started to recover and was released home, where the new life challenges began.

During my recovery I was diagnosed with Anxiety & Depression which made me re-evaluate different aspects of my life and I decided to change my life for the better and make as many changes as possible.

So after many cocktails, wine & desperados, my good friend and next door neighbour Robin and I decided to go into business together and buy the franchise Monopoly Buy Sell Rent Chester.

We launched in January 2018 and I knew that for us to succeed we needed to network and find new contacts within Chester & surrounding area, I searched around for quite some time and didn’t really get any feedback from other groups. I connected with Tracey via Facebook Messenger which was great and I was invited  to attend my first meeting in Feb 2018. I really enjoyed this experience and found Tracey and Hayley to be both welcoming and supportive.

Once I had committed to attending the network meeting I became very nervous and started worrying about my ability to connect with a group of people and represent my business in the best possible way. Tracey & Hayley assured me that it was a very relaxed environment and that all I needed to do was be myself and make myself present within the meetings.

Because of the strong and positive advice I was given during my first meeting, I  have taken that into every Business Networking Event and more importantly I have utilised it within other aspects of my business.

Since joining the networking group I have become a lot more confident with myself and how I communicate with other people and I have Tracey & Hayley to thank for that for making me feel welcome and helping me along my way.

Thank you both, please give yourself a pat on the back.

Kind regards


Gavin Belton-Rose



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