Planning changes – office, home or both?

Planning changes and COVID.

Following the immediate acceptance and adaptation to home working for millions as a viable alternative to the daily commute and working in the office, along with the relaxation and planning changes to planning laws, there will be a seismic change in how our properties-both residential and commercial are being used.

As a result of Covid-19 we are likely to see a wholesale switch and reassessment of planning changes for housing, building use, and an adaptation to how we use the space in our homes.

The planning changes will be covered in detail at future seminars, so what will this one look at?

Planning changes – Housing and office space – a switch in demand and supply?

We know as a country we are woefully short of good quality housing stock, and yet commercial buildings and offices, have popped up and continue to be developed – to what end post COVID?

With many companies making massive adjustments to the places of work, with hot desking (in bubbles) and remote working planned until at least July 2021 from the likes of Google and Twitter, what will work in the year 2021 look like? What will working from home mean for employees? What will it mean for housing and office space? How will planning changes transition and transform our localities?

Planning changes and new laws plus a shift in tenant demand means that being a property owner has never been more challenging and exciting.

Planning Changes – Opportunities or a disaster waiting to happen?

With every challenge comes opportunity and this seminar will look at covering all aspects for property owners, residential and commercial-how to deal with struggling Tenants/unhelpful Landlords, planning changes and the new laws and what that means for working from home.

So whatever your place on the property ladder – residential or commercial, there will be great learnings and advice for you in the seminar.

Planning Changes and what it means – Seminar presenter.

The impact of COVID and the resulting company lead and planning changes lead will be seismic. John Loney, Commercial Partner at Knights PLC will hold an open and insightful seminar sharing his view for the future, tips and watch outs, and has happily said he will answer specific questions about the impact of planning changes and situations if shared in advance of the seminar. This interactive approach will ensure we deliver maximum learning and value for seminar attendees. Whatever your planning changes question – be it landlord, tenant, property owner, residential or commercial question – John is here to help!

To learn more and reserve your space book a call with Tracy.


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