Seminar for our June Business network Chester event- Property Investors gather round!

Our Educational Seminar for June is sure to be a popular one at our Chester Networking event.

Property – The Nations favourite asset is all the focus at this networking event of The Business Network Chester.

Terraced Houses
Terraced houses – learn how to buy your portfolio with The Business network Chester

Lead by Property Entrepreneurs Julie Oliver Perry of Smart Property Investments, Julie and Oliver will answer those questions you have but did not know who to ask.

This seminar is perfect for those of your that love to Network and learn at the same time

Julie and Oliver can help those who have wondered about  building a property portfolio – but were not sure where to start?

So ask yourself:

  • Do you have children off to university and hate the ought of paying rent when you could invest?
  • Wondering how to plan for your retirement home now – as an investment and income generation tool for now?
  • Are you intrigued by property development – but have no idea where to begin?
  • Do you have a portfolio but have questions about how to better leverage your investment – and lose those late-night service calls?

If so then this seminar is for you. So come and Join us at our 13th June Networking event in Chester at The Chester Grosvenor.

Brief Synopsis 

Learn the who, what, when, where and why of reaching success in Property investing. This interactive seminar is for those that are completely new to property, accidental landlords, new starters or even seasoned investors.

About the Presenter (s)

Olly bought his first investment property in 2007 whilst also founding a building and maintenance company. Realizing the vast difference in effort and gain between the two businesses he was keen to invest in property further.

Julie has worked in a number of industries, film production & training, running sustainable events and education and working on building a sustainable community.

In 2015, Olly & Julie co-founded Smart Properties Investments with a vision of creating something unique in the property market.

They have since successfully developed a portfolio of Boutique Co-Living rental accommodation in Liverpool and Chester.

Julie & Olly are now focused on a buy to sell strategy, are continuing to expand on their formal property education and also host a monthly property investors networking (pin) meeting in Liverpool.

Content –

How will members benefit?

Members will benefit from the rounded introduction to investing in property; the who, what, when, where and why -whatever the motive.

What will they learn?

Learn WHY to invest in property-even with all the changes in financial landscape.

With so many strategies to follow, learn WHAT suits you personally and therefore where to begin. Consider WHO you need in your ‘power team’

Learn HOW the numbers work.

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