Setting goals for your website in 2019

Join us at The Chester Grosvenor for February’s Event and Seminar being presented by Claire Treloar and Jon Walker of Ultimate Creative Communications !

Do you know what part of your whole business plan your website plays? It is crucial to set objectives for your website and have a clear plan which details how you will achieve them.

Do you want 20% more leads from Google?

A 15% increase in basket conversion rates?

10 people a month downloading your brilliant piece of content? Or simply, you just want more clients?

We will explore some common goals together and give you some great tips on how to set about achieving them.

About the Presenters

The presentation team have a wealth of experience in helping businesses achieve their online marketing goals. Every business has it’s unique challenges and we understand that there is never a ‘this solution we applied earlier will solve your problem’ which is why we take time to understand your business, your audience, your competition and then propose a strategy.

Content – Focused on setting goals for your website and exploring ways to achieve them this year

How will members benefit? What will they learn? And How can they apply it to their Business?

The members will get a greater understanding of the methods we apply to help our clients achieve their online marketing goals. By taking them through common challenges faced by other businesses they leave with fresh ideas to apply to their own websites. Your website should be an asset to your business, supporting your sales and growth. If it isn’t doing just that, by the end of this session you will feel inspired to make changes or seek further advice.


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