Strategic partnerships – how to create a win-win

Strategic partnerships – how to create a win-win for all parties.

Whether you work in B2B, B2C or 3rd sector – forming strategic partnerships are critical to success when developing your Business or Charity funding streams.

Regardless of our size or scale – there are local small charities and 3rd sector organisations that will always benefit from business insight and support. But strategic partnerships are not one way. We know from our own experience in supporting our member charities that when we do so we get real benefits; connection, collaboration, idea sharing, exercise, fresh air – and of course knowing we are helping many local real families that really need the support of that charity or community group.

In this educational seminar you will learn creative and innovative “Win-Win” ways to create good, find that perfect partner aligned to your ethos, and create boundless opportunities.

Strategic partnerships – learn from experience

  • Who did Coca Cola work with to help them reduce their use of natural resources?
  • How did Network Rail tackle the challenging issue of suicide on the Railways?
  • Who did Boo Hoo work with to sell more T-shirts in lockdown?

The answer to all these questions – they are strategic partnerships between a profit-making business and a not-for-profit  organisation. Can you guess the charity partners?

To find out the answers and what they did – come and join us at the event!

Strategic partnerships – how do I make a choice?

Business/charity partnerships are not soft, fluffy, nice to have alliances, they make sound business sense to both parties and you don’t need to be a multi-national to benefit.

They can help with staff retention, resource usage, suicide prevention, employee volunteering, skills improvement, diversity, and inclusion!

And that is just what it does for the business.

In this seminar Julia will help you think about what are your strategic challenges are, and which UK based charity could help you overcome them?

So come and join Julia Worthington of Amber Consulting for Fundraisers, as she helps you discover how having a well planned and strategic charity partnerships can increase profit, increase staff motivation and bring you new customers too.

Strategic partnerships – there is a partner for everyone

You may not be the partner for Coca Cola, or Network Rail – but from School PTA’s to local community groups, to local Hospices there will be a willing group of people doing great good in their communities where Strategic partnerships can be created.

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