Sustainability, collaboration and connections!

Sustainability, collaboration and connections!

Our May business networking event was a blast with a real mix of of themes – wand Sustainability, collaboration and connections of high quality being our mantra.

Our Sustainability trio were amazing sharing their TED talk style approach about how sustainability has elevated their whole approach to service delivery and their business positioning with their clients.

A sell out crowd of over 25 people heard from Andrea from Tegla, Lisa from Emmie B and Jane from The Cheshire Garden and they shared their amazing insights into ethical and sustainable practices that have shaped their whole approach to service delivery and design for their clients.

Sustainability, collaboration and connections – how!

Following the seminar – we had our wonderful blend of open networking and strategic tables planned to perfection – to ensure our members and guests

  • meet new people
  • reconnected with people to follow up and continue building relationships
  • were able to window shop from afar when they needed a new potential supplier
  • were meeting specific members they have requested in the background to be connected to
  • where they may share hobbies or other special interests.

Following that a “cheerleading session” where we celebrate thanks you’ s testimonials, award winning members and share offers, announcements and events that they want to share with all members.

The mood was positive and uplifting and the members and visited created a real buzz in the room – connections and collaborations were there in abundance!

So – if you fancy connecting and collaborating with like minded people who want to meet good quality local businesses with scale, that want to build sustainable and collaborative relationships – why not come and join us?

To come and join us at a future event – then book a call for a chat using the link below or simply book using the booking link below!

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