Sustainability seminar – how can I play my part at home?

Sustainability seminar – how can I play my part at home?

There is a big buzz around sustainability right now. Our traditional approaches and business practices are being challenged in the name of reversing climate change.

At next month’s TED talk our speakers will highlight the key considerations faced by a industries providing home and garden services to us the ever developing public. Some ideas may may be predictable, others will surprise you!

Our Sustainability seminar Speakers

Speaker – Jane Bingham – The Cheshire Gardener

Gardens are the life blood of our world – from happy homes for hedgehogs to protective pastures and planting for our bees, our gardens are a beautiful example of give to gain and win win outcomes.

Jane will speak about how the Garden Design industry is one of the first to join together to formulate overarching sustainability strategies: garden designers, landscape architects, landscapers and horticulturists are joining forces to devise a carbon calculator tool to measure the carbon impact of different materials and plants. The tool will help the designer make the right materials choices to make each project as carbon neutral as possible with carbon sequestration as the goal if possible.

Speaker – Lisa Barnes – Emmie B interiors,

Lisa will bring a candy shop type experience and demonstrate the sustainable ranges and approaches for interior designers. Spotlighting in particular her collaboration with the Romo Group, Lisa will highlight how anyone can put sustainability at the forefront their design process, which is exactly what Lisa and her team do wherever we can. Lisa will give you a positive insight as to how much we can help with our environment without compromising on quality and design.

Speaker Andrea Wilbraham – Tegla Furniture.

With their workshop and showroom in the wonderful woodland hills in Wales, Andrea will talk about how sustainability is the forefront of their Business ethos. Not only in terms of how they source their beautiful woods, and the research of evolving eco friendly paints and finishes, along with how they maximise the use of all materials, she will also speak of the sustainable way through apprenticeships they are developing and retaining life long skills in the local area.

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