The Business Network Chester – Table Planning commences for our Network event in Chester!

The Business Network Chester -creating Table Planning Magic, referral opportunities and deliver quality Business Networking outcomes.

It’s a fine art to craft our tables every month to ensure our Members and guests use their time wisely and productively at our events.

Who wants to to attend events with no forethought – That’s what makes the Business network Difference!

We connect senior decision makers at our Network events that have authority to BUY – not just sell. And we don’t sell anyway – we at The Business Network Chester help first – as we know when we help each other – the help just comes back!

So Lets recap on our Table planning process – how do we make such great referral opportunities?


Our Members and Guests are never sat with direct competitors and will be seated with 2-3 people that can be of help or that they can help. This means that at every event there should be at least 2-3 people that you should follow up with and have those all important 121 meetings with – this is critical to accelerating the speed at which TRUST is built.


We hold 121 meetings with all our members regularly to listen, learn, question and probe so we know where they are, and where they want to take their Business- so we know who they need to meet.

Without this regular content our “intel” about them quickly becomes dated.  These 121’s also allow us to identify the service providers they need – so they can “Window shop” from afar with the choice we have in the network – before committing to spend. HOW? Because we build their “Like to meets” into our table plans every single month.


We spend 2 to 3 days fine tuning the tables – building in the best connections, links and clusters for the event – every month the tables are different, its rare to sit with someone more than once a year – unless the member requests it! With the diversity and scale we have every month is like planning a wedding – but we seek strong Business network connections- some call us “Cupids for Business”


Through the week we go through countless iterations, “sleeping on it”, trying different combinations of network members and always having a second pair of eyes make sure we leave nothing to chance- gender, sector, personality, diversity, collaboration opportunities, referral opportunities, and the general “FEEL” of the table  – we consider it all.


The best reward? When people leave The Business network Chester event and say those Magic words “I had a great table” – that’s what Our way of Networking is all about!

A snap shot of what we do to get the blend just right is below –  and if you have not yet booked – BOOK! Otherwise you miss the detailed magic!

The Table Plan at work – those 2nd and 3rd level connections within the Network in Chester.

And still not convinced – then listen to Ed Stace of WHITE OAK LTD retell his experience of how looking beyond the obvious and searching out for 2nd and even 3rd level connections helps the Network. His approach to networking locally AND being ethical and building “Green Credentials” for WHITE OAK LTD is a perfect example of how our Members think!

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