Know your value!

Know your value
Know your value! Do you ever think these things? I just don’t know how to price? People seem really keen to work with me - till I tell them the price! I want better quality clients that value me and ...

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Hosting an Educational seminar- How to deliver maximum value?

Online Business Network Hosting a seminar
An Educational seminar- How to deliver expertise with impact. When our members host an educational seminar it is an excellent opportunity to: share valuable knowledge demonstrate expertise through a value packed educational seminar create an ongoing dialogue position yourself as ...

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Online business networking and TRUST

Online business networking and TRUST | Business Network Chester
Online business networking and TRUST- does it actually work? There are increasing numbers of people that are taking the leap into building their own business - be it due to redundancy, space and time to reflect through Lockdown, or just ...

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Business networking skills- present and follow up with impact.

Business networking skills - our next seminar and business networking event
Business networking skills So which of these happen to you when you think of business networking skills? It's not for me - "I'm not a natural business networker" I try business networking  but I get Sweaty palms? Palpitations? Nerves? Butterflies ...

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Business Networking online? Doing it with confidence!

Online Business Networking event for business networking Northwich
Business Networking Online Well it's interesting times for those of us that run events and help the business community connect and network through our business networking events! As we continue to be in uncertain times for Businesses and business networking ...

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Business Networking – be more dog!

Business networking - dog style

What can we learn from our canine friends when it comes to Business networking? Over the half term holiday my mum came to stay with her little pet Jackchi dog, Minor. Despite the rain we did manage to get out …

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Why join Business Networking groups?

Why join a Business Networking group_ (1)

Thinking of joining Business Networking groups? If you are brave enough to look beyond “why bother business networking” you probably then think “why bother joining business networking groups?” For us – there are 4 modes of networking groups. Pay as …

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Business Networking and testimonials

business networking testimonials Clare Moorhouse

The power of testimonials when business networking. We have enjoyed a bountiful crop of testimonials and Thank you’s at our Kick off business networking event in Chester this month. We were spoilt with the variety of testimonials, and it was …

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