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Testimonial for one of the members of the Business Network Chester

When our Members need help it comes in all shapes and sizes! Although we are a Business Network, we also take time to get to really know our Members – and as a result, when TRUST is built then we also share whats going on in life Outside work.

That may be a child going to University, who needs somewhere to stay; It could be promoting a hidden talent or passion; or sometimes it is where life knocks us over and we need a helping hand from The Network.

After a sustained period of upset, uncertainty and loss, Hayley, our Co Host took heed from Tracy, Host at The Business Network Chester, and reached out to our Member Joanne of Joanne Grobbelaar Coaching.

More about our Business Network Chester Member.

Joanne, works with mainly but not exclusively female leaders and entrepreneurs, ” owners create profitable businesses that feel fantastic and all the shizz in between.”

It’s her canny knack of sorting the ” shizz in between” that meant Joanne could be the secret to helping Mollie, Hayley’s daughter.

After a single session, Hayley’s daughter has been equipped with the tools, tips and techniques to manage her anxiety and as Hayley describes it “enabled Mollie to have her child hood back!”

So – for a network that is more than just about Business – but also that VITAL support for life in between – then why not consider us the next time you need a friend that understands, will not judge but is just here to listen and help?

That’s what the Business Network Chester is all about!

To see who else you could “plug into” and build your support network – that covers those hours beyond the 9 to 5 why not get in touch?


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