That’s an online business networking event wrap!

Online business networking event – another one in the bag!

Our online business networking event for April was a sell out!

With over 60 local Businesses engaged to network and learn, collaborate and inspire – we managed to ensure that connections were made, testimonials were celebrated and future plans were shared.

We also had our 1st Business network baby in attendance! Congratulations to Victoria and Darren on the safe arrival of their baby girl.

Our online business networking event Seminar – Strategic partnerships.

Julia Worthington of Amber Consulting showed our seminar attendees that forming strategic partnerships can bring massive positive benefits to Businesses and their charity partner. There are many ways we learnt to connect with Charity partners which had many synergies with how we operate our online business networking events.

At our online business networking events we always connect based on

  • Synergy
  • Values
  • Shared audiences/clients/sectors
  • Size
  • Geography
  • and strategic objectives.

Julia showed how taking time to research, do your due diligence and applying any partnership framework based on clear “win win” outcomes

Our next online business networking event – May 13th event.

For our May 13th online business networking event, we will hear from Jessica Morris-McKenzie and learn 3 easy to implement actions that can elevate your marketing – AND – cost nothing but 90 mins of your time!

To join us – grab a slot with Tracy to speak – be quick as we have a busy few weeks ahead of 13th May!

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