The 3 Modes of Networking

Networking – It’s just like Marmite!

Networking – some love it, most do it because they know they need to, others are set into a anxiety filled dread. So why is that?

In our experience there are 2 types of networking style – that lead to 2 distinct outcomes.


Transactional-short term focus

There are those networks – sometimes free, whether its speed networking, weekly bacon butties, or free early evening drinks – where its very focused on the numbers and “taking” – The mindset errs on “what can I get from this event”? Its people that think visiting once or twice will “seal the deal.”

Now this can work really great for certain trades and individuals – but so often the people we attract want something that demands less time, does not encroach on family life, and allows people to move at a pace that suits them.

The NY Stock Exchange sums it up nicely – it is the purest form of buying and selling – and if you are selling things that are traded just on price – with no interest on who the provider of the service is – then yep it can work.

Lets be clear though – there are also mid point networks where they are very focussed on the numbers, and the process the adopt of generating referrals for others is measured, reported – yet in our experience from our members in The Business network Chester  – those slips of paper in other networks do not always lead to the pot of gold that’s suggested – so they seem fake and invalidate the process.

The Business network Chester - Fake scrabble tablets

Relationship based – Long term gain.

There are other networks – such as The Business Network Chester – That passionately believe when Business is done based on Know, Like, Trust – that the Business that’s done is much more ethical, purposeful, meaningful and actually pleasurable for both parties.

Research without our Business Network  has shown that over the 8 years we have been operating in Chester. Over £10 million pounds worth of Business has been done between our Members – and some of the Business we still to this day we do not hear about – because we respect the privacy of our Members.

So how can we have such a high level of Business, without ever measuring, reporting or shouting about it?

Well its because our members do business ethically, fairly and without the need to only ever focus on price. They want quality service providers, that can solve peoples problems, and will not disappear when things go wrong.


It makes us really proud about what our members achieve month in month out. Their dedication to doing Business “The Business network way” and alignment of their values and mindset to ours is what makes our network thrive, and maintain the quality of collaboration, connection and trust.

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