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Pushing your comfort zone when it comes to networking

At a recent event Jo Houlbrook of Houlbrook Physiotherapy was “cajoled” into hosting our monthly educational seminar at our Networking event in Chester.

Jo is an exceptionally gifted Physiotherapist with a “disrupter” mindset – not only does she choose to be an active member of our “Business Network” but she also challenges the mindset of what the role of a Physio should do.

This challenger and disrupter Mindset is what lead her to leave post in the NHS and set up her own private practice. But Jo is no sports therapist – although of course she could do that. Jo decided to embark on a Business specifically helping people in their later life.

Through Falls prevention clinics, respiratory advice and practice she has carved out a busy and fulfilling niche helping people stay fit and strong and “Falls resilient”.

To that end she challenged and educated our attendees at the seminar and helped them understand what they could do to defy the passage of time and stay strong, active and address what there body age was.

However this took some persuading! So often as Business owner we convince ourselves that people will not want to hear what we have to say.

Be at a

  • Networking event
  • Conference
  • Seminar
  • Training course

we seem quick to assume that everyone else is interesting – yet we therefore must not be.

So after a few tweaks, chats and nudges Jo took the leap to share her knowledge at our Seminar at our event.

In promoting the seminar – Care UK got in touch with our Network and asked to attend our Networking event as a visitor.

Guess what? In taking that courageous leap to host a seminar, Jo had opened the door to demonstrating her knowledge with one of the newest elderly care facilities that are about to open – with the Operations Manager who was keen to engage with local Businesses to provide bespoke service!

That’s what we call a massive win win.

Networking by educating – Not selling – The benefits

So Jo hosted her seminar – and guess what – there were attendees there wanting to learn BUT importantly also wanting to connect and form a strong cross referral “cluster”. We have a number of these Network clusters in our group and as a result the audience at the networking seminar about Falls prevention and health could be helped by

  • learning about Jo from a personal need perspective
  • forming a good connection and agreeing to have a 121 to see how to formalise their relationship
  •  Learning about Jo for elderly relatives
  • Learning about Jo so they could simply be a good network member and have a good indepth knowledge of what she can do for people and how she approaches that – thereby increasing the level of trust between them.

So yes Jo – made the most of her seminar. To recap – This is what she did and what she discovered;

  • Jo took a deep breath and accepted the challenge to push herself out her comfort zone and actually agreed to host the seminar at our Networking event
    • She learnt – I can do this!
  • Jo had previously spent time attending other peoples seminars at the Network – thereby learning, supporting and engaging with others
    • She learnt the power Networking by giving time and support to others – they will give it back
  • Jo worked with Tracy with her draft to fine tune, shorten, and challenge and questions attendees to get them thinking
    • She learnt some insights and tips about “less is more” and how to tailor her knowledge to audience needs
  • Jo got there early, set up, got the tech working so there would be no last minute panics
    • Planning and preparation are key to success
  • Accepted feedback, and coaching to remind her that she was the expert and that yes people were coming to listen and learn from her.
    • Discovered what she has in her head and heart is a passion and expertise that is second to  none in the Network.

Network outcomes?

The result – well heaps of fantastic feedback AND opportunities for Jo, but more importantly this lovely thank you we received from Jo for our gentle “Nudge”

I wanted to say a huge thank you, I always come away from the network brimming with positivity but today I was practically flying. Pushing me out of my comfort zone although a little unpleasant was actually great, I learned loads in the process of researching and also that I can do this public speaking malarkey!

Also, a couple of awesome connections made already, and still more to follow up on.

Fabulous way to end the week, so a big massive thank you to you both, your both ace!

You are most welcome Jo – we love to see our members grow and spread their wings and fly!

If you are inspired by this story and want to have someone give you and your Business a nudge towards more confidence, better network opportunities, and a cluster of contacts that are right for you then why not get in touch and come and visit our Network?

Call Tracy on 07768 926 602 or email, or be brave and simply BOOK.


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