The Business Network Chester – July Educational Seminar

Grand Designs – How To Ensure Your Dream Project Survives The Town Planning Process!

Example drawings for The Business Network Chester Seminar – How to create your own Grand design.

Our Network is just full to the brim of amazing talent, expertise and knowledge!

Adrian, a recent arrival to the Cheshire and Chester area from London has establishes himself as the “Go to” person for all things to do with Town Planning. Never afraid to take on the Planners at their own game, he has successfully embedded himself into the Local authorities mindset and is helping creative builders, developers and Grand designers Create their own Magic builds!

So what is this educational Seminar all about?

This seminar will appeal to

  • those with plans to undertake a building project,
  • those who aspire to one day doing so and to
  • those just curious about what it may involve.

Three topics will be covered: domestic extensions and buildings, small scale commercial building works and building your own home.


About the Presenter-Our member – Adrian Thompson is the Director of Lightwater TPC


Adrian Thompson is the Director of Lightwater TPC and is an independent chartered town planning consultant. With a career in town planning spanning more than twenty five years, Adrian has worked in both the public and the private sector, covering both development management and planning policy, and working both on the front line and at a management level.

With a skill set that encompasses both the creative and the legal aspects of town planning, no-one is better qualified to help steer your project toward success through the maze of the town planning system.


Content for our Educational Seminar July 4th


In this seminar Adrian will tell you about


  • Great projects that don’t need full planning permission – what you can do, what are the limitations and where can you go for more information.
  • Applying for planning permission – what you need to consider and vital homework.
  • All that glitters is not gold – whether an existing planning permission will serve you well.
  • Self and custom build housing – what is the ‘right to build’, how the town planning system can help (and hinder!) and where you can go for more information on how to pursue your dream of building your own home.

So come and join us and take a step closer to your dream abode!

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