Yin Yang Connections and Partnerships- The Business Network way

Hayley and I have been called many things – mostly good (we hope!) but “Yin Yang” is a new but perfect name to describe our approach to networking when in flow at The Business Network Chester!

We work so well together because we both love to do what the other hates!

Hayley loves the detail, processes, and keeping the network communications, Q&A’s from Members flowing – Tracy loves the 121’s, networking, referral and connecting that is the heart of what we do.

Our Members keep returning after 3-4 even 8 years because we know our Network. Not only do they always meet new people at the network events, But they appreciate the time we take to ensure that every connection at ever table makes Network sense.

We always aim to ensure there are 2-3 “Obvious” connections and network opportunities at each table – but when attendees attend our Network event and dig deeper, and have those all important 121 meetings – a myriad of network connections and ways to help each other are unleashed.

Superfical networking works at the surface – just scratch it and you will have just that – a scratch – but DEEPEN the network knowledge, HELP someone, Really invest time and energy into UNDERSTANDING others – that’s when we really hit the network bullseye.

So – we wondered – in your Network or Business in Chester and Cheshire and North Wales and Wrexham – Who in your network  is the “Yin to your Yang?”

If you don’t yet know then Maybe visiting our Networking event may lead you to find them? So ask yourself:

  • Do you need to outsource the things you hate?
  • Do you need someone to challenge the status quo and shift you from your comfort zone?
  • Do you need to step out and Network in Chester and Cheshire and North Wales to really drive your Business growth?


Why not come and visit us then – Just press BOOK to come networking and to join us at the next Business Network Chester event!


A massive Thank you to Sarah Callander Beckett for her lovely analogy and testimonial!


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