The Business Network Educational seminar for September – Employee Engagement – What is all the fuss!

The Business Network seminar for September event

Employee engagement? What’s that?

Many of our Members are real advocates of looking after their employees – they completely understand the benefit of REALLY looking after their employees to build and increase trust, to retain highly skilled people, and to cultivate a culture of loyalty, Customer First and passion for excellence.

The Phrase Employee Engagement is often banded around by directors and senior managers. They say that they are committed to improve their internal culture but often this is just lip service because it’s a trendy new concept. Employee Engagement is too often seen by commercially focused leaders to be the “fluffy” end of strategic management and development and simply not for them but for HR.

These people are so wrong! Building real sustainable value in a business starts and ends with the people within it. Those business leaders who do not genuinely commit to engagement and trust strategies will ultimately underperform against their competitors as the dynamics of our workforce changes.

About the Presenter

Justine Watkinson is head of the Employment Law Team and Engagement Director at Hillyer McKeown Solicitors. She has a passion for helping business to improve their people management processes and strategies and the psychology of business change.

 Business Network Members and Visitors will  

  • Understand the importance of employee engagement and how it underpins all areas of their business
  • Learn a number of easy implementation tools to kick off their engagement journey
  • Take away actions to start the narrative and commit to improvement and change.

So why not come and join us and learn from these experts and supercharge your Network and your employee engagement?

If you really want to drive value, commitment, and a quality ethos for your Networking and your Business – then we are the ONLY choice for you!

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