The power of a good elevator pitch

So tell me what you do?

Does this question get those Networking gremlins hopping around your head? What to deliver a succinct and compelling table talk with confidence?

Then read on!

Whatever Business Networking events in Cheshire you indulge in – there will be a need to describe what it is you do, and how you help your clients. This is either when meeting for the first time, or in more structured environments like The Business Network Chester events – at our formal “2 minute table talk”,

And yet the majority of people – describing what they do, so it actually makes sense, AND does not sound contrived is really hard to do.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Talking about myself – Yuk! Hate it
  • I have a plan of what I am going to say, and then  forget it – I’m never happy with what comes out
  • I start OK but then ramble on and on trying to tell everyone every aspect of how I can help
  • Who wants to hear from me – no one wants to meet another an accountant/solicitor/coach/IFA (insert as appropriate!)
  • I know I have to network – but I don’t really know what I should be aiming for, how to measure success and never tell anyone who I want to meet.
  • I want to make/create/educate – I’m not into selling!

As a result – we don’t have the impact we would like, we dilute our message and benefits and appear to have little confidence or conviction about ourselves –

So how do we craft an elevator pitch that flows, is honest, compelling and memorable?

The key to speaking with impact is to plan what you what to say!

This does mean slowing right down and taking a seat with your best (STARR*) customer. (Hypothetically speaking of course!)

What is it about that “STARR* customer” that makes them so great? (See our other Blog Post for what makes a STARR customer)

Whats their

  • sector?
  • size?
  • product or service?

How do you

  • solve their problems
  • delight them
  • generate continued successes for them?

Once you have sketched this out its time to then consider if you

  • want more customers like this?
  • want more customers like this – but in a new sector?
  • actually – want someone to collaborate with so you can “pitch” for more work/bigger gigs

Armed with this knowledge its much easier then to formulate a concise, focused talk about

  • you,
  • your business,
  • the problems you solve/how you help
  • who you have helped (success story)
  • your ambitions about who else you would like to work with
  • and how other people can help you – by telling them who you want to meet.

So you have the words – how to speak with confidence and conviction at a Business networking event.

The power of confidence will come when you have clarity on how you can help people and how they can help you.

There is no greater feeling you can give someone at a networking event than being open about how you can help them.In turn when you define what help you need, it makes it so much easier for people to help you.

There is NOTHING more frustrating that being told “I can do Business with anyone/everyone!” This catch all does nothing to make you memorable, nor enable people to help you.

So even if you can do Business with anyone (Printer, Accountant, Solicitor) BE SPECIFIC!

Being specific = even demanding will enable people to not only potentially help, but will also allow you to tailor how people can help.

So yes have an idea of 4-5 people/business types you would like to be connected with – and then adapt/rotate/cycle round what they are – even better make it adaptable and specific to what you learn from the  the people you are networking with.

Body language and physiology in Business Networking

There are some basic tips for cultivating confidence before you step into the room.

  • Pack your business cards
  • Get there early! The earlier you are the easier it is to walk in, and join a smaller group
  • Stand tall – its an old adage but yes standing tall, shoulders back, head up are all powerful cues to your body that you are ready for action!
  • Breathe! Tale a few deep breaths to ground yourself, clear your mind of what may have gone before and refocus on what you are hear to achieve
  • Smile – even if you are faking it!
  • Count back 5,4,3,2,1 and just do it!

I promise it will work – but you have to practice – so why not pop these pointers on a business card sized piece of card – it will make such a difference!

Even better come and learn and practice! Our events are listed here – come and join us soon.

OR – If any of these pointers have struck a chord, and yet you still think – arrgghh – then just get in touch by completing the contact form below. We can help on a 121 basis or with small groups to help you craft that perfect “table talk, and networking pitch.

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