The Positive impact of our Networking approach

The Network Group that inspires

WOW. We have been blown away by a recent thank you from one of our amazing members.

We received this thank you a while ago and were so humbled by it that we wanted to ensure that it was shared at the right time for all of us.

So often when networking, and running our events, we don’t stop to think about the incredible impact our network and networking approach, and philosophy for life itself can have.

It’s not that we do not value what we do, or how we do it – but its such a natural thing for us to be nice, welcoming, encouraging and a source of inspiring uplifting energy – we forget that actually, as a networking Group, and as network Hosts – we are pretty unique.

As we have been working hard in the back ground at improving our online presence –  to better match and mirror our face to face impact, its been a tricky balancing act knowing when to release such positive words – but now seems a great time after seeing Gavin again this week.

The Business Network Chester – testimonial

“To Tracy & Hayley

This is a testimonial that I write to thank you both for all you have given to me and to your chapter from my personal experience of your fabulous networking group.

My personal life took a dramatic hit in April 2017 when I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, following surgery I had intensive chemotherapy and had major side effects from this which caused me to have not one but two T.I.A’s (Mini strokes). After a spell in hospital and a considerable amount of investigations I slowly started to recover and was released home, where the new life challenges began.

During my recovery I was diagnosed with Anxiety & Depression which made me re-evaluate different aspects of my life and I decided to change my life for the better and make as many changes as possible.

So after many cocktails, wine & desperados,  I decided to go into business together and buy the franchise Monopoly Buy Sell Rent Chester.

We launched in January 2018 and I knew that for us to succeed we needed to network and find new contacts within Chester & surrounding area, I searched around for quite some time and didn’t really get any feedback from other groups. I connected with Tracy via Facebook Messenger which was great and I was invited  to attend my first meeting in Feb 2018. I really enjoyed this experience and found Tracy and Hayley to be both welcoming and supportive.

Once I had committed to attending the network meeting I became very nervous and started worrying about my ability to connect with a group of people and represent my business in the best possible way. Tracy & Hayley assured me that it was a very relaxed environment and that all I needed to do was be myself and make myself present within the meetings.

Because of the strong and positive advise I was given during my first meeting, I  have taken that into every Business Networking Event and more importantly I have utilised it within other aspects of my business.

Since joining the networking group I have become a lot more confident with myself and how I communicate with other people and I have Tracy & Hayley to thank for that for making me feel welcome and helping me along my way.

Thank you both, please give yourself a pat on the back.

Kind regards


Gavin Belton-Rose


The Business Networking group – thats supports and guides.

Well back at you Gavin – you have embraced what we have as our “Mantra” – people do Business with people – so dicth airs and graces, be real, be you, be helpful, smile – and the Business will come!

Thank you again Gavin

If Gavin’s story resonates with you – why not get in touch and see how we can help you learn to love Networking also?

Call Tracy on 07768 926 602 or email – or simply register your details and we can get you booked to visit!

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