The power of the Pause in Business

When do you ever stop, pause and reflect? Is it time to tap into the power of the Pause?

Our amazing member Mandy Sinclair will host the July seminar.

A certified active coach, DISC practitioner, ICF member and Marshall Goldsmith Leadership assessment professional Mandy has transformed not only her life but those of many solopreneurs, Managers and Business owners.

Mandy believes that Coaching is about designing a different future that fits with your values and goals. So often we are on the run and on the go – yet we forget that importance of The power of the Pause in Business.

Who needs the The power of the Pause in Business?

Recognising that many Business owners are great at planning their Business goals, Mandy has also seen the value of helping clients pause and take stock – this session will explore the benefits of pausing.

This session will help you understand all the benefits of taking regular breaks and how mindfulness can boost productivity and effectiveness.

There will also be a chance to practise a reflection exercise that allows you build confidence, maximise learning and maintain resilience in our increasingly busy lives.

So if you need to STOP and pause and re assess the future this is the session for you!
To join us book a call to chat, and pause to think about how your network and business is growing.

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