The REAL way to Network and get great results!

What is Business Networking?

  • It’s all about the hard sell isn’t it?
  • Having the perfect elevator pitch?
  • Speed networking
  • Attending free networking events -event after event after event?
  • Getting as many business cards as possible?
  • Email blasting your database?
  • Cold calling people on the “list” that you did not speak to -but they were there -so open game yeah?

Well in a post GDPR world – some of these are not probably even “legal” to do any more – and yet it is still happening.

The bigger question is -why are people still doing these things when none of them work? How can you even get to know people -let alone like people -let alone trust people when you see them once then they disappear -under a growing mountain of business cards?

Our answer?

What is so special about The Business Network Chester approach to Networking?

Our business network is openly and proudly an exclusive membership based Business Network. We know and passionately believe that People actually do long term, ethical sustainable business with people that they “know like trust”. We know that trust is only built with commitment to the group. A desire to listen learn and help – with no expectation in return.

Want to learn more? Watch some of our member testimonial videos here, or take a look at the member benefits.

It’s this belief that drives us and our members to show up, month in month out, year after year at our Network events.

Sometimes even after a year or so – members sometimes question how they can really “ get more from the network” and our answer is always – give more first.

We have many amazing members that are masters at this – giving and helping others – and anyone wondering how they get their success from the network – need only just listen to Francis words on this video – where he described how the benefit of giving – will always deliver a return to you – in the most unexpected places.

But, it’s not just about our Members ( well 90% maybe!) As much as we work REALLY hard for our members, we also have a lot of visitors each month. Some just visit with no intention to join -they hear how great we are and want to come see what the fuss is about – but they don’t necessarily get the long term ethics of our group.

Some visit as part of their window shopping for a network to join.

Some visit and realise they have found their networking oasis – a place where they can come, be themselves, be real, be authentic and actually relax and enjoy they networking. Visitors are the life blood of our network – extending, connecting and like a neural network – developing new connections and mini networks within the larger network. Many of those visitors want to join us as they love our honest approach and commitment to connect them with quality suppliers, customers and referral partners.

Some of them have to sit on our wait list, as we manage our categories on a proactive and tight basis- with never more than 5% of a category represented – it’s this approach that gives our group diversity as well as choice.

What is guaranteed is whether or not you are a member or a visitor – you will experience a warm welcome, a structured quality approach to connecting you with a diverse group of businesses and an uplifting, inspiring and fun way to network – month after month.

So – why not ditch the butterfly approach to networking and instead – burrow your way into the heart of a network that buzzes with energy, passion and opportunity.

To come road test our approach and see if you are ready to commit to a positive productive group that is here to help -why not come and visit- we will look after you!

Simply register, or email or just pick up the phone and call Tracy on 07768926602 for a chat.

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