The start of a new Business Network term!

Networking in September in Chester is like starting a new year at school!

Maybe you have a crisp new set of Business Cards to Network with?

Maybe you have Good intentions to Network?

Maybe this time you will reach out to your fellow networkers to follow up?

Maybe you will commit to hold arrange those all important 121’s?

Maybe its time to change supplier or reach out to a new service provider?

Maybe summer has been a bit slow and you need to network and connect to get back on track.

Whatever your reason for Networking – September always feels like we are all new student, facing a new year,  with the new pencil case – great intentions to make this year count!

How our Business Networking event unfolded at The Chester Grosvenor Hotel?

Our long standing members were joined by 12 such new students and adopters to our style of Business Networking in Chester.

Diverse Businesses – who all had different reasons to network;

  • To Grow their Business
  • To Meet quality suppliers
  • To get out of their business bubble
  • To launch their new Business and test bed ideas
  • To grow their network after moving to the area of Chester
  • To learn how to improve employee engagement

The last one – to learn about employee engagement – was met through the fabulous seminar from Justine Watkinson of Hillyer McKeown.

Justine shared with attendees the importance of employee engagement and some invaluable tips to begin their employee engagement journey.

Then – we moved onto enjoying our usual perfect blend of open networking followed by strategically planned tables means our members and guests get to meet the people they want to network with.

So – after we have had our formal introductions we then all relax into our unique style of networking which is all about getting to Know people, Like people and in time and investment as a member, trust people.

As when Business is done on trust it is much more ethical, fair and fun!

So – ready to va va voom your network? Then why not try us out next time?

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Future events.

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