Think brand not bland! Brand Marketing seminar with a twist!

What do you understand Brand Marketing to be? Is yours Bland or Brand?

Your Logo?

Your website?

Your business card?

Well if the work “Branding or Brand marketing” conjures up just an image of a logo – this is the seminar for you.

Brand Marketing – Think Brand not Bland!

Phil Strachan has spent over 30 years helping Household names like Seiko, Nescafe and Fosters re energise their Brand marketing.

After time leading brand marketing campaigns, Phil then transitioned into running his own agency – which is where he then further honed his approach to helping businesses to stand out from the crowd through brand marketing.

His passion is all about getting under the skin of the “Why” of a Business and making sure that is what is inherent in the brand marketing.

Many businesses sadly fall into the trap of sameness and end up being “bland” – Phil helps companies navigate their way out of drowning in a sea of sameness.

Brand Marketing – no blandwagons no blandscape here

Phil does this by getting them to ‘Think Brand – not bland’ – and that’s the essence of this seminar..

There is absolutely no point in being bland, in jumping onto an already overcrowded blandwagon and becoming just another anonymous blot on the blandscape – No point in running the risk of becoming the bland that time forgot.

If you are ready to ‘Think Brand – not bland’ and to throw away the bland manual in order to discover how Strangebrew’s unique and reassuringly inexpensive blend of London quality at Glasgow prices could benefit your Business or Brand

In this seminar you will discover what it means to

  • Think Brand – not bland
  • Why swimming in a sea of sameness is not a recipe for success?
  • Why logos are no go’s
  • How to get the benefit of high quality identity and design by having clarity on your “Why”
To join us at this thought provoking seminar and learn how to be less bland join us!

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