What a Network we have in Chester!

The Business Network Chester members and guests absolutely smashed it last week!

The Business network Seminar presenter – Claire Brook

Claire Brook, Employment Law Partner at Aaron and Partners  had them packed in for her seminar on employment law .

The feedback was brilliant and I know from a quick look at the slide deck she packed in so much information and advice into that hour slot.

The 28 attendees (many of which were still being snook into the back after Claire had started) were wowed by her knowledge, stylish approach and deep understanding or current case law and legislation.

After our open networking session, which saw us welcome another 50 or so attendees to the event, we went to our finly crafted tables.

At the Business network Chester we take about 3-4 days to plan our tables – sometimes because our little tinker members have a late change of plans and that means they can attend after all – sometimes because people decide to visit at the last minute, and sometimes because of the testimonials we receive, or an update on the like to meets our members provide us with, we see opportunities to broker fabulous introductions for people that we know will lead to

  • Business being done
  • Referral partnerships being created
  • Opportunities to help and connect with like minded sectors, businesses.

2nd degree connections in our network.

We sometimes have a giggle and create a stir at our events because we ALWAYS remind our members and attendees to NEVER BE DISMISSIVE of anyone – because we just do not know who people know. I often make it known that “we just do not know who people are sleeping with” – which usually gets a titter. And yet – we had so many examples where thats exactly how Business is being done – the sharing of little black books and specific contacts when we know that people can genuinely help.

Ask yourself – how many times have you gone networking and then had a quiet word to yourself that your don’t want or need to meet another “accountant, solicitor, recruiter, or photocopier supplier.”

And yet one of the best examples of referral Business was done between a recruiter and photocopier supplier – thats the power of our Network – we always make sure that our members remember to

  • not dismiss anyone
  • listen
  • help
  • remember
  • learn
  • share
  • collaborate
  • have fun!

That’s why we continue to be the best network in the Chester area – where many of our members have been networking with us now for almost 10 years!

Never be dismissive about anyone when Networking

Maja Kenney is a person that has consistently been in the Network – although she may have worn a different number of hats as her Businesses have evolved. From Project managing exhibition space, to make up, to now The Office Admin, an outsourced Vitual PA service provision (which is sooo much more than it sounds)

In addition to running a host of successful Businesses, Maja is appears has also always been a long time avid motorcyclist.

She has stepped up somewhat her biking prowess and adventures and spoke of her Blood Bikes work and her latest adventure travelling over 3000 miles, SOLO, across Europe to her home of Slovenia – a promise she always made to herself when aged 20 she first came to the UK.

Maja had the room in the palm of her hand as she shared the ups and downs of the trip, the literal highs and lows, sweeps and bends and detours she took and aligned them with learnings and reflections from life.

The reason she did this? To stand in front of a room of 80 networkers?

To push her comfort zone.

So – when will you push your comfort zone? When will you take the leap to join us at one of our future events and elevate your Networking?

Come on – sign up to attend as a visitor – you might even love it!

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