What makes the difference in our business networking group?

How to get the most and give the most from this business networking group.

When launching a new business, or thinking of joining a new business network group, the decision making process can be fraught and unclear.
So take a minute to think
  • Are you tired of the weekly early morning networking grind but are not sure where else to join?
  • Think you are not cut out for networking after a bad experience?
  • Frustrated that the networking you do does not yield results?
  • Worried you are working hard for others, with no real reciprocal reward?
  • Disappointed that you have not found your tribe? One that will support and be there for you?
  •  Wanting to improve your confidence/ability/approach to networking that is based on your values and personality?
Then read on – this is a great opportunity to hear all abut what membership could bring to you! Even better get in touch – lets talk and see how we can help.
Tracy, Host at The Business Network Chester will lead the seminar and share her advice, tips and techniques to ensure your networking efforts are rewarded when you are a member of this great business networking group.
Valuable for current members and those interested in joining a vibrant business networking group, this is an invaluable way to deep dive into all the benefits and opportunities within the business networking group to
  • Promote your Business
  • Share your expertise
  • Learn from other members
  • Connect with other members
  • Share member offers and news

What will I learn about this Business networking group?

For Business Network members Tracy will highlight and share
  • Update on the new National Business network member area and website.
  • Update on BNC magazine and news items and offers
  • Recap our local member app
  • Explain member spotlight
  • Capture seminar / learning needs
  • Open Q&A
So – be you a member of 10 year or 10 weeks or 10 days – or seeking the best business networking group for you – why not come and join us!
To learn more why not schedule a call with Tracy to discuss your business networking needs?

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