Why are you Networking – STARR* Customers?

Who do you want to meet at a Business networking event?

When attending Business networking events near you, who do you really want to be meeting?

Who is your dream new client or customer?

So often we never actually stop to consider this – and just head to a Business Networking event – fingers crossed that your next dream client will materialise at the event.

At The Business Network Chester we strongly believe that when you network with intention – to help others BUT also to meet the best quality and type of Business leaders for your Business – we garner a much better hit rate!

How come?

Well as much as we love serendipity of how connections are formed – our 10 years of Networking also tells us that when we are intentional and specific about who we want to meet – the “network Universe” has a way of making it happen – but only when we tell it!

STARR* customers – Preparation is key to business networking success.

Whats a STARR* customer?

Well at The Business network Chester we believe that we all have favourite clients. When we take time to look at the facts about those clients – financial, and relationship based, we can then craft a really clear idea about that STARR* sweet spot – where its profitable, productive and a pleasure to do Business together.

So take some time before you next network to work out your STARR* client.

Sector – Their Sector/Specialism/Service

Talent – How did your talent help the client?

Action – What action took place – (What did you do for them?)

Result – What was the result for the client?

·        LEADS UP?

·        SALES UP?

·        PROFIT UP?

·        COSTS DOWN?


Repeat – Do you want to repeat? Was it worth your while? Did you make profit? Were they a pleasure to work with?

Sometimes the final question is the critical and enlightening one. When reviewing out past client stories and facts – we may find that those that are profitable on the surface, are detrimental when it comes to quality of Business relationship.

A Client may be lovely to work with – but make you not money!

As with all things in life – it’s about balance – your challenge is finding that sweet spot of good quality clients, with good quality business relationship that are ethical, sustainable and full of respect and value.

  • So – who are your STARR* clients?
  • Who would you like to add to your Network?
  • Who do you know that would benefit from business networking the Business Network way? Have you told them about us? Why not share this post with them?

Once you have this clarity – please let us know and we will go to work attracting more of them like that to the Business Networking events.

If we can help start you on your Networking journey – then get in touch – to either attend our events or to take on some 121 or group training and coaching to improve your networking skills.

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