Why bother having 121 meetings?

121 follow up meetings after a Business Networking event

At EVERY one of our events we ask people – indeed demand that people make those essential 121 meetings as a follow up to a networking meeting.


Well, we know that as good as our network events are are matchmaking people, to move along the “Know Like Trust” continuum we need to ensure that we follow up and commit to those 121 meetings.


Well at our event – yes you will get to know someone. You may immediately feel a connection and think – yes I like that person – but you have only just scratched the surface.

The power of a 121 is the TIME we spend together. But to make use of that time there is a real discipline and art to having a great 121 meeting.

We are lucky I suppose at The Business Network Chester as we have nothing to sell at our 121’s – other than buckets of challenge and encouragement  to our members to host seminars and or speaker slots to promote their business – and that is sometimes a really hard sell!

What next after a Networking event? Our follow up-rules for good 121 meetings.

So when we approach a 121 meeting we have some key rules we follow – which may well be worth sharing with you to try.

So often we will seat people together – NOT because they will necessarily do Business together – BUT because their client bases are really well aligned, or complimentary. Its leveraging those 2nd degree connections that really accelerates growth, opportunities and the potential in your relationships.

We hope that the synergy between 2nd level connections will come out through someones 2 minute talk – and that the benefits of having a 121 will become apparent – but that is not always the case.

We assume they will reach out to request a 121 – but its surprising how many Members have recently said that they wait to see if anyone reaches out to them. They are waiting for 121 to land – rather than instigating the request.

So imagine this.

Imagine at each event you set yourself a target to have just 1 (or 2 or 3) 121 meetings.

Then imagine at the 121 it is not about hard sell but its about;

  • Learning in some detail about each others services
  • Understanding what sectors/clients they currently have and what their “dream clients” look like
  • Who else they would like to be doing Business with
  • Who they want to be meeting to improve their supplier/referral base
  • How they can help each other
  • Look at who each knows through linked in and commit to make an introduction.

Then I know the power of the 121 will be unleashed.

What works for you when it comes to 121 meetings?

As leaders of our innovative Business Network that are always looking to improve our member connectivity,  in 2020 going to see what we can do to facilitate an environment where such 121 can happen in a consistent methodical, regular way.

Some of the ideas are a

  • 121 Netwalk
  • 121 Merry-go-round
  • Video conference 121 sessions
  • Many to 1 sessions
  • Power group session
  • 121 Business Network session

So tell us –

  1. What has worked for you?
  2. How have you created a 121 discipline?
  3. What would make you commit to regular, quality 121 meetings?
  4. What stops you reaching out for a 121?
  5. What works best in getting 121’s to happen?

We would love to hear your feedback about how you leverage the great connections you make and what actions you take to make sure you compliment 121 meetings with your Business Networking.

Please get in touch with your ideas and feedback – we would love to hear from you.

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