Why I hate traditional Business Networking events!

Hate attending Business networking events?

Then read on!

Every month ahead of our Business networking events we hold for Businesses in Cheshire and North Wales, we speak to all the new attendees and people that are just “checking us out”.

Why go to this effort? Well we know that for 99% of people attending Business networking events is just that LAST thing they want to do.

So – we see it as our mission to

  • dispel the negative beliefs about business networking
  • provide a warm and welcoming approach
  • equip them with tools, tips and techniques to help the process become more natural
  • connect them at our business networking events with like minded people they can collaborate with
  • understand what has driven them to start or switch to business networking
  • clarify how we can help them get the most from the business networking event.

The LEAP of faith – What makes people attend Business Networking events?

Last summer whilst exploring Portugal – I spent the day paddle boarding. Yet – the person guiding us through the waterways of the rivers we explored, had a surprise up their sleeve.

A 12 mtr high bridge to leap off – with certainty of enough water beneath to cushion the fall.

At the grand old age of 50, whilst paddling with my adrenaline junkie 13 year old daughter – we bravely moorded our paddle boards and decided to leap. It was a fantastic experience!

What made me do it?  Stretching my comfort zone and modelling how to live life!

Leaping into Business Networking events.
Leaping into Business Networking events

What has this go to do with Business networking events?

Reflecting back on what made so many of up push our comfort zones and leap it made me think was there a difference between those that took the leap – and those that did not?

On reflection on that day I

  • paddled with 8 other “strangers”
  • noticed we were an eclectic mix of people
  • could see were at different capabilities when it came to paddle boarding
  • noted we were all different ages
  • learnt we all had very different backgrounds.

And guess what. Then I saw there was a pattern.

Those that mingled and mixed in the group, chatted, asked questions, listened and laughed – they all jumped!

Those that kept themselves to themselves, or were a little brusque, or just did not want to engage – did not.

To Leap or Not to leap?

So – what came of these different approaches?

Those that were willing to crash through Comfort zones and jump, and engage fully – had a blast!

Those that had a greater desire to stay insular and inward looking – they maybe too – had a blast – but I’m not so sure.

Towards the end of the day one person who did not jump –  asked me how I dared to jump? I told them my motive was 2 fold really.

  1. As a parent -and as leader of our business networking group –  it is really important that I model the behaviour I want to promote in others. So for my daughter – she needed the assurance that yep – its OK to jump! Likewise – our members and visitors to our business networking event can trust implicitly that I have their backs. That I am there – with a single desire to help them meet the best connections possible at every business networking event – AND – to gently give them a nudge out of their comfort zones sometimes. Be it to host a speaker slot at a business networking event, or to even host the educational seminar at a business networking event.
  2. As a person in their year of being “50” I made a personal promise to my self to do new things I had not done before – so it was a double tick – to paddle board (Highly recommended) AND to take that giant leap – knowing I could swim BUT knowing it could hurt.

Do Business networking events have to hurt?

Just like my leap – when you attend a quality business networking event – it does not have to be painful or hurt. You don’t have to be fake, you don’t have to be perfect – you just got to be you!

So – if it’s time to try something new, push that comfort zone and attend a business networking event – why not take the gentle step and get in touch with us?

I promise we don’t bite – and you will not be left to drown! If you want to learn more about pushing your comfort zone then read this.

Call Tracy on 07768 926 602, take a look at the rest of our website such as FAQ’s, or simply fill in the form below and we can arrange the rest!

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